Directed Archeology Portland Sector

Chapter 01 Session 01
Where We Meet Our "Heroes"
Archeologists Anonymous

From the journal of Dresden Marionettes, DAPS scholar:

Year 112 Month of the Lion 12

I am quite delinquent on maintaining my journal. Setting up headquarters in this new land has been a larger effort than expected. Our funds are not limitless… In fact, Directed Archeology has been very stingy with our operational expenses. I can understand that they want to see results before investing larger sums of currency in our operation, but it makes life just a little more difficult.

The most recent group of adventurers arrived about a month ago and that is quite fortuitous for me. It has been two weeks since Dr. Kentucky Smith and company left on an expedition to explore a rumored graveyard and have still not returned. Without the junior team sticking around this past month, it would have gotten quite lonely headquarters. The locals have not been so kind to foreigners. At least I, being Dragonborn myself, have gotten along with a few courteous civilians.

This new team consists of an odd group. I hear one of them is a son of House Burgalweiss. There’s seems to be some kind of story behind him coming on this trip, but I have been unable to garner any clues on the subject. The halfling seems to be fitting in quite well. She tends to be very… friendly is the word?... with locals or any two-legged man that provides her some attention. In addition to the son of House Burgalweiss, there is a second Tielfling in the party. A paladin no less. I can’t fathom what circumstances would bring two of them together like this. He is indeed an unusual, but quite simple fellow. Lastly, there is an Eladrin warlock. She is very secretive and quiet. It’s no wonder, the fey races are easily the most disliked in this land. Very few have forgotten the battles of the Mad Dragon War. The Elves and Eladrin did most of the fighting.

The party is gearing up to follow Dr. Smith to the graveyard. I hope for the best and the safe return of our DAPS members. It is far too soon to have already lost half a dozen expedition members.

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