Edward Roarington Bigsby

A dragonborn for our times


While most of my time is spent earning and receiving accolades for my martial prowess, there’s more to this humble Adventurer than meets the naked eye. Beneath these rough outer scales, there’s also a softer side to Edward Roarington Bigsby. Well, not exactly soft. Maybe more like a leathery tissue that is soft in comparison but still pretty tough. Anyways, that side is my literary side, which is where I do my writing.

Come read The Roar! A Reminisceries of a Life Both Eventful and Epic, written by Edward Roarington Bigsby, warrior-cartographer-poet.

Foes Conquered

The Warlock Clock-man known as Tock Ironpipes

A mail courier who lost his way and ended up on the path of evil.

The Giant Freakin Spider known as Venomous Bastard

No backstory, he was a bastard and had to die for it. The poison fangs would have killed a lesser man, but not an elite specimen of drag-man like yours truly.

The Dragonborn Warrior known as Some Guy In A Cave

A cunning drag-man who conspired with his lover, The Giant Freakin Spider known as Venonmous Bastard, to trick me into dieing. Ironically, the drag-man and his whore spider were killed instead.

The Swarm of Lizards known as Legion

A bunch of lizards who post-humorously realized that dragons are higher on the food chain.

The Crazy Sandbugs of Undead Desert

Achieved an over 75% mortality rate on the Caravan Which Was Probably Cursed In Hindsight. In addition to slaughter, also served as a lesson in providing generous bonuses and incentive plans for competent security professionals.

The Relatively Larger Crazy Sandbug of Undead Desert known as Big Momma

Sent back to hell and all her children made into orphans.

Have you been vanquished by Edward “The Roar”ington Bigsby but can’t find yourself anywhere on the list? Don’t be down, send me your story of crushing defeat and join the ranks of FOES CONQUERED today! And kids, be sure to get your parents permission first.

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Edward Roarington Bigsby

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