Cornillius T. Burgalweiss the First

A Tiefling Rogue currently working for Directed Archeology Portland Sector


Hair blacker than the night sea, skin of the finest crimsoned marble, eyes the color of highly polished gold coins, and ebony horns that even GODS would beg for. You know…if gods wanted horns. Which I believe some or most of them do. I think I heard that at temple one time.

Anyway, I’m he’s incredibly handsome and every woman wants him. Few, if any, ever have.


Cornillius T. Burgalweiss the First was born of the higher class. His family was incredibly wealthy (even though he never knew where the wealth came from [but does a rich person really care? {yes}] and powerful. Sadly, when his parents finally die he will have to share this wealth with his many siblings.

His father is never around and his mother is incredibly insane. Like seriously, she’s nuts. Also, she might think he’s evil, but all evidence to that effect is spurious at best.

He is on a journey to claim his share of this parents awesome wealth by going on a series of trials. Now he works for Directed Archeology to accomplish one of these trials. He doesn’t know when these trials will end.

To read the further adventures of Cornillius T. Burgalweiss the First please see these letters stolen taken given for others information FUN!

Letters Stolen from the Last Son of Burgalweiss

Cornillius T. Burgalweiss the First

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