Dragons Log Chapter 01 Session 03

And then we came to a great crossroads. A crossroad between Fate Boulevard and Edward Roarington Bigsby Street.

We had traveled long and hard across the parched and buggy sands, but our destination was a thousand times the grimmer. We sought the forbidden Zombie City, which is what I have named the place we sought (on this map I bought).

It was once a lively place to be sure, but since that golden era the inhabitants had become overrun by Zombie City’s former occupants who, by-the-way, were zombies now. A tragic tale to be certain.

But now I must make my own choice, like those of Zombie City. Do I continue onward toward the crumbling metropolis of flesh eating undead monsters, in pursuit of a rival archaeologist firm that can employ colossal warclocks (warlock clockmen) just to guard their mail room? Or do I protect the lives of these defenseless strangers who’ve become like brothers to me on this long caravan ride?

Every dragman must face this tough decision someday. To live on and be praised and showered with heartfelt monetary donations, or to die meaninglessly with an unmarked grave in some godsless hellhole. . .

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Dragons Log Chapter 01 Session 03

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