This is a glossary used to define people, places, and events for the convenience of players and newcomers.

Correlannon – The name of the Eastern Continent. Home to the Elven, Eladrin, and Human Kingdoms.

DAPS (Directed Archeology Portland Sector) – An offshore division of Directed Archeology with the primary focus of retrieving artifacts from the sundered continent, Portland.

Mad Dragon War – The last war between the Eastern and Western Kingdoms. This war ended when several of the ancient dragons went mad laying waste to their homeland in the western side of the continent. The resulting devastation sundered the continent of Sommerland in half and ended the conflict.

Portland – The name of the sundered western continent according to those from Correlannon. It is noteworthy that only easterners use the name Portland as all natives still use the name Sommerland for their homeland. Home to the Dwarven and Dragonborn Kingdoms.

RAD (Renowned Archeology Directive) – A rival archeology organization that has come into conflict with DAPS over the amulet piece of the Bastille. Warene Mystwalker is a known member of RAD.

Sommerland – The name of the unsundered continent before the Mad Dragon War. Inhabitants of the Western Continent still use this name to refer to their kingdoms.



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