Sommerland Calendar

The Sommerland calendar is used almost universally throughout the Correllanon and Portland continents. There are a few known cases of Dragonborn clans continuing to use the antiquidated Dragondate calendar, but it is for the most part, inaccurate, cumbersome, and tacky.

The Sommerland calendar year is divided into eleven months. Each month consists of 35 days with the exception of the Month of Storms which has 36 and concludes the year.

The order of months is as follows:
  1. Month of the Pegasus
  2. Month of the Eagle
  3. Month of the Lion
  4. Month of the Sparrow
  5. Month of the Firefox
  6. Month of the Phoenix
  7. Month of the Cougar
  8. Month of the Otter
  9. Month of the Bison
  10. Month of the Whale
  11. Month of Storms
Special Calendar Days:
  • Month of Storms 36 – Renewal Solstice


Sommerland Calendar

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