Archeology isn’t a job, it’s the conquest of History!

ne hundred years after the lands of the dwarves and dragonborn had been severed from the home continent, Directed Archeology began a plan to recover artifacts lost in the Mad Dragon War. Thus was formed the Directed Archeology Portland Sector; a far-from-home independent organization answerable only to its investors. Several teams were gathered and sent to Portland establishing a headquarters and they began the process of relic identification and retrieval. Led by Dr. Kentucky Smith, the DAPS team must surmount the racial strife that comes with living in a land decimated by years of war. Dare you seek employment and adventure?

We are currently recruiting. Please apply with the following requirements:

  • Background in history or arcana studies
  • Courage to face the unknown
  • Strong sense of self-preservation

See our active roster

Game Status – Chapter 01 Session 04

Next Session Date – Suspended

Directed Archeology Portland Sector

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